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Robb Ross, principal of White Indian, started trading at the age of 18.  He fell in love with the concept of combining his math & programming skills with the investment markets with the goal to manage risk in the attempt to make portfolios grow.  His vision is simple - figure out formulas that would beat the markets.  This has become a life long passion.

Mr. Ross attended Texas Christian University (TCU) and graduated from the University of Texas Arlington (UTA) with a degree in Mathematics, along with a minor in Computer Science.  Robb has been developing, programming, and testing trading systems so far back he use do to them on an Atari computer (before the PC).  It is not an exaggeration to say that he has tested 1000's of trading systems and methodologies over his career.

Mr. Ross has spent decades working for fortune 500 companies as a professional application programming developer.  This includes stints at Microsoft, AXA, ARCO, NASA, Dyncorp, SourceCorp, The Container Store, Brookmayes Music, and other firms.  He worked with or in such sectors as government agencies, insurance, entertainment, energy, software, etc... 

The name, White Indian, comes from the fact that Mr. Ross is part Native American Indian.  He is registered with the bureau of Indian Affairs as a member of the Chickasaw tribe.  This tribe, now based in Oklahoma, was part of the horrific 'Great Removal' also known as the 'Trail of Tears' in the late 1830's.  Mr. Ross is proud of his heritage and that the Chickasaw tribe has diligently prospered in the 21st century.

Mr. Ross also had a life change at the age of 19.  His focus became outward instead of inward.  He's lived in India doing missions work and is an active member of a local church body.  He believes that giving of ones self is the true fulfillment of 'Loving thy neighbor as thyself'.  Along with being a professional application developer he's also a stand up comedian and has appeared on TV in such shows as Fox's hit 'Prison Break'.  He is happily married (30th anniversary on the horizon) and has four wonderful children who are all now pursuing their passions and callings in life.  And their father couldn't be happier.




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Robb Ross

Robb Ross is the founding Principal of White Indian Trading Company Limited.  He's been featured, quoted, or authored for such publications as Futures magazine, Modern Trader, and the Wall Street Journal.  He's won and also placed Top 10 in trading contest based upon returns, risk vs returns, and various other metrics.  Mr. Ross takes managing money very seriously knowing that many generations can be effected by the results he produces.  He loves people and produces smiles everywhere he goes.  



B.S. Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science


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• National Futures Assocation, Member
• Industry Brethren, Founder