How Long has White Indian been in business?

White Indian Trading Company has been a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) since 2006.  White Indian is a member of the National Futures Association #371719

What makes White Indian programs so unique?


Most of the firm's programs utilize White Indian's specialized 'Alternative Hedge' strategy.  This is a unique investment approach.  Using diversified liquid markets the method utilizes the underlying futures as a hedge against premium.  This approach helps manage risk during a black swan, sixth sigma, or tsunami type of event.  White Indian has been utilizing this unique method since 2010.

Why the name White Indian?

Robb Ross, the Principal of White Indian Trading Company, is part Native American Indian.  He is registered with the bureau of Indian Affairs as part of the Chickasaw Tribe based in Oklahoma.  Mr. Ross is proud of his Indian heritage and wanted the company name to reflect that 


Why so many programs?


White Indian seeks to provide diversified systems that are non-correlated to the S&P 500, TBonds, and other Managed Futures programs.   Some programs, like the Alternative Hedge program (and SCS), trade four different market sectors - Energy, Index, Currencies, & Soft.  However a client can also choose the same Alternative Hedge program, but for a specific sector such as the Alternative Hedge Energy program.  Therefore the client can choose from a basket of boutique programs that not only provide for market sector diversification, but also system diversification.

What markets do the various systems trade?


White Indian has programs for the following Sectors & Markets

  • Energy - Crude Oil, Natural Gas
  • Currencies - Japanese Yen, Euro
  • Softs - Coffee, Sugar
  • Index - S&P500 eMini

Account Minimums?


White Indian's account minimums for each program are $250,000.  However, these minimums can be waived on a case by case basis.

Can IRA monies be invested?



Does an investor have to be a QEP or High Net Worth Individual?


No.  Single Managed Accounts (SMAs) are available to investors who understand and can handle the risk involved with futures and option trading.

What guarantees are there?


The only guarantee that White Indian Trading Company will make is - Death & Drawdowns.  Trading commodities and options is risky.  It's very serious business and only for those who have risk capital to invest.  If you want a guarantee - go to a bank.

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